What is Pilates

Founded in the early 1900's by a German man named Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), The Pilates Technique consists of systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns. Done correctly, Pilates safely brings balance, strength, improved posture and flexibility throughout the whole body. Pilates is much more than an exercise method. Joseph Pilates developed his program to create a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life with balance. He blended many disciplines together to restore harmony and balance on three levels; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Originally, he referred to his work as “Contrology” because he believed that the mind controls the body and the spirit builds the body.

Joseph Pilates’ methods are borrowed from eastern disciplines with contemporary western fitness methods. Pilates emphasizes balancing strength with flexibility for more efficient movement to enhance performance from simple daily activities to sports. He dedicated his life’s work to helping others achieve their full potential in life; he passed his methods on to his students and disciples to be carried into the 21st century impacting the lives of people all over the world.

The following are the benefits of Pilates:

Unites the mind with body
Enhances mental acuity
Restores proper functioning of the internal organs
Replaces muscular imbalance with youthful posture
Replaces faulty movement patterns with bio-                        mechanically correct movement
Boosts the immune system
Lengthens tight muscles; strengthens weak muscles
Improves the performance of any sport
Eliminates or reduces aches and pains and reduces the          risk of injury
Enhances sexual fulfillment
Changes how others perceive you
Raises self-esteem
Improves balance, stability, and agility
Streamlines the body
Easy on the joints-low stress exercise
Can be enjoyed by all populations and complements             other methods of exercise
Is never boring

In order to be successful at accomplishing Pilate’s movements, you first have to have a solid foundation. This foundation is formed by implementing the Six Principles of Pilates. These six principles are inspired by the work of Joseph H. Pilates during the turn of the 20th century. All movement is made more bio-mechanically efficient and safe when these techniques are followed in and out of the fitness/wellness industry. Intensity builds and safety insured when:

1.There’s a Mind/Body Connection
2.Dynamic Alignment
3.Diaphragmatic Breathing
4.Core Control
5.Oppositional Lengthening
6.Precision & Fluidity

When these six principles are employed with every movement of our current fitness/wellness level increases.

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