Pilates MVE Chair

MVe is the fusion of Pilates and fitness. It combines balance training, sports specific training and core training in a group fitness environment. Unlike anything available at health clubs, gyms or Pilates Studios today, this system boasts the MVe Fitness Chair, developed by Peak Pilates, a re-imagined breed of Pilates equipment set in a high energy, group class format with heart pumping music.

The MVe Fitness Chair is an evolved version of the original Pilates chair. The chair was one of five main pieces of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. It is said that this portable apparatus was originally inspired by equipment used to train Chinese acrobats and Circus performers. The Fitness Chair captures the features of the original chair while increasing flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

Over the last 20 years the fitness industry has undergone a radical revolution in training philosophy. It has moved away from body specific workouts such as bodybuilding exercises and gym machines to functional strength and core training.
The MVe Pilates Fitness class is a true mind and body workout that coordinates movement in the most efficient manner.

This simple device may be used for the rehab, beginners and recondition couch potato, yet it can challenge the most advance athlete.

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